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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

When Love Comes and Goes

Love is awesome when it works
Because it’s not exactly without its perks,
But when love ends badly as it can
Life turns sadly and love we ban.
Talk about the extremities of human emotion and nothing compares to the disparity between love gained and love lost. Life can mean acceptance, excitement and joy, or equally it can prove a destination of despair, drudgery and hopelessness. Let’s enjoy love and hold it lightly as we can. Grief is still terrible. And when love has left we may truly not wish to go there again.
When love comes and when love goes are two completely different stories of God’s grace in each of our lives. It’s easy to see God’s grace in the aspect of love coming, but how are we to see grace working as love leaves? Well, the fact is, sometimes we don’t ‘get’ love or God until we lose love. What is a harsh lesson is nevertheless one ripe for the learning.
Life is tough when love is hard. There is no use in mincing words. But if we can hold ourselves open to the idea of love working out well at some distant point in the future, we will be blessed to find it again.
Love can make you crazy
Or love makes life worthwhile,
Whether life’s joy or hazy
Is little to do with your style.
Anyone can fall in love
Just like anyone can be betrayed,
So be thankful to God above
When your love has verily stayed.
It helps when we have the perspective of love favouring neither one nor the other. Love comes into our lives perhaps not so much by chance, but love works out probably as randomly. Sure, a lot goes into our selections of love, as does the work we put in to our relationships, but at the end of the day strange is the outcome of life for the one who is loved and then lost.
Now, love occurs most naturally
For many it seems,
It’s not set so theatrically
Like in those funny little dreams.
But it’s just as tragic
When death barges right on in,
It’s the opposite of magic
When life’s thrown in a spin.
Grief hurts so much because love means so much. If love was easy, grief would also be easy, but that is not the case. No matter how we ‘fell in love’, the losing of love will hurt a great deal – and much more than we even imagine.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.


  1. Thank you for this today Steve.... I have been thinking about my husband (who died by suicide just over three years ago) and our marriage with its ups and downs....and the love I had for him....but not that he's no longer here, love hurts and it's painful to walk alone. I've been asking God to help me understand something of His love.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Karen. Our love to you, Steve and Sarah xx


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