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Thursday, December 31, 2015

16 Timely Reflections As God Turns Another Page In History

1.     What about the year ahead?
We start looking ahead from the end of things?  Of the vast possibilities what’s one thing that makes for hope regarding the year ahead?
2.    What about things left unsaid?
Some things we’d have hoped to have said more, or said something else.  What is it that we tie off, today, before we venture free into the New Year
3.    What’s one thing to be thankful for?
Just one thing.  If the previous year’s been one long trial or series of trials, at least we can be thankful we endured it — 365 days of it is behind us now.
4.    What’s one thing to do once more?
Some things prove so pleasurable they’re worth replicating.  But replicating something is likely to lead to disappointment, because expectations are raised.  Replicate, but change it up a little; innovate.
5.    What could be next year’s thing?
Pregnant with possibility — a whole 365 days ahead.  Amazing to think what we’ll know this time next year.  It’s all ahead.  Don’t be fearful.  Be in awe.
6.    What could be one joy to bring?
One thing we could do to bless another’s life (or others’ lives).  It doesn’t need to be big to be significant.
7.    What are the things of your age?
What will we look back on twenty years from now?  What is great about the age you’re at now.  Remember that with age comes perspective and wisdom.  Age is a crown of glory.
8.    What do you hope for as God turns the page?
At this very moment in history (His Story) what is it we can pin our hope on?  Journal it and reflect later.  Reflecting on what we journal always proves elucidating.
9.    What was done that you did in vain?
There are things we do every year that prove to be a waste of our and others’ time.  So what?  Smile and praise God at the luxury of time we have to waste things and still have further opportunities.
10. What is done that you won’t do again?
Sheer learning is the resolve that says “I won’t be doing that again!”
“One thing I won’t do again is ___________________________.”
11.  What’s one regret to leave behind?
Perhaps it’s something we suffered.  Maybe it’s the way someone treated us.  Or possibly it’s a hurt to commit to letting go of.  Whatever it is, letting go so often requires a strategy.  Honour the enormity of the issue with a plan big enough that sees the issue left well behind in the past.
12. What’s one true blessing that God assigned?
These are very cool — a calling that was confirmed as ours alone.  Enjoy that feeling of feeling special in God’s sight.  We all are you know!
13. What’s learned in the living of this dear life?
Many things can only be learned in having a go.  Some things can only be experienced in taking a plunge.  If we never take the first step we’ll never know what can be achieved.
14. What’s the thing that turned from glory to strife?
I have an image in mind of another family’s situation.  Oh I pity them.  But then there are those who pitied my family last year.  We never know when glory might turn to strife.  All we can do is live this life.  Live boldly, whatever.
15. What’s that thing that lies just ahead?
A day or two hence and our whole perspective will be changed.  The New Year’s naysayer may not agree, but there’s something that New Year does to us in our outlook on life.
16. What’s one thing your hopes rest on instead?
One thing.  Write it down.  And don’t stop if you get another.  It’s very therapeutic you know.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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