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Sunday, December 6, 2015

My Gift, Though Small, Is Given To Make You Tall

Oh how small the enemy makes us feel,
When we’ve only got a pittance to give,
But all of what we give is fully and truly real,
And it’s given with the fullest intent,
That another might truly live.
Don’t let your discouraged heart stop you from giving your gift. However small it may be to you, God intends you to give it.
He not only intends you give it; he makes it so you cannot not give it. And, even though the enemy can have a field day with your mind, you have done the right thing. You’ve brought heaven to earth. And, of course, the devil hates that.
Remember What You’ve Been Given Is a Gift To Be Given Back
Our spiritual gifts are not for our selective use. They’re there to benefit the body of believers and the whole world.
Gifts are given in order that they may be given again as gifts to others.
Any gift that God gives that gives extravagantly sows into a Kingdom that reaps in a multiplicity of ways. Almost every single one of these ways is significant; as much as they are also unknown to us.
To receive is an invitation to give. So give. And be glad. Think not of the cost. Think only of the possibilities for the Kingdom. We’ll never know until we see the Kingdom in all its glory.
Three Things To Remember In the Pit of Discouragement
When we give our gifts they’re not always received with the gratitude due their receiving.
This we must accept, as they’re gifts — given freely with no impediment of obligation.
But we may still necessarily feel slightly or mightily discouraged.
Here’s what to do:
1.     Remember who gave the gift to us in the first place. God knows what that slap in the face feels like. Think of the times we’ve rejected him in rejecting the receipt of his gifts, and the times we’ve rejected him in refusing to give our gifts when he’s willed us to. When we’re talking the gifts of the Kingdom — gifts good enough for the perfection of heaven — we can see how inappropriate it is for these gifts not to be used or extended to others.
2.     Grace abides. There’s no obligation on the receiver to receive them with thanks, or to even receive them at all. A gift does not command a receiving. Grace abides. It must.
3.     What a friend we have in Jesus. In prayer we have a Lord and Saviour who will understand and empathise with us — that rejection at Calvary was harder than any rejection we have to bear. Bitter discouragements ought to be aimed at him who knows the gall of bitter distress better than we ever can.
Don’t let your discouraged heart stop you from giving your gift. However small it may be to you, God intends you to give it.
When I give my gift to you,
Even though I know it’s small,
Know that I give with an intent that’s true,
An intent that wants you to feel tall.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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