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Thursday, December 24, 2015

7 Things Any One Year Teaches You to Be Thankful For

ANY one year in the time that is our lives is 365 days full of life — each day possibly a whole motion picture epic in and of itself.  These things and many more we can be thankful for.
1.     A New Friend Made
We meet new people all the time, but there’s a particular person you’ve met this year that’s changed your life for the better.  Or perhaps it’s the case that a person you knew or knew of has now come to take a significant role in your life.  And the hope remains, that there is a person you’re yet to meet who will make your life ever so sweet.
2.    A Goal Accomplished
Something differentiates the year from past years.  Something accomplished makes this year significant.  And this significant thing is sufficiently big to cause us to be in awe of what we’ve accomplished.  What a blessing that we can do a thing that remained elusive.  One goal achieved holds us open to the hope of the next goal to be achieved.
3.    A Fear (or Challenge) Conquered
Some things seem impossible to conquer, until someone inspires us to break through the glass ceiling.  Or perhaps we had no choice but to punch on through the fear.  Whatever, it’s a wonderful thing to be thankful for — a fear conquered — not least for the confidence it proffers us in taking on and vanquishing future fears.
4.    A Goodbye Said
Life is replete with loss.  We are required to say goodbye.  And what on earth is there to be thankful for in that?  Simply this: that we miss them in the first place, that they meant and still mean so much to us, speaks volumes for our love and for the love we experienced.  Let’s praise God for the glory encased in love.
5.    A Struggle Endured
Some years are defined by struggle, and most years feature a significant struggle that our lives were called to bear for that time.  Thank God for the strength he gave you; that you did not give up; that you remain in contention of the prize at hand.
6.    One More Year Experienced
One more year on this glorious earth!  One more year to stow as a mishmash of experience, and yet we do not yet know what eternal significance is laden in our experience.  Thank God that you experienced all the bigness, consciously, in all the myriad little moments of one year.
7.    Hope of Another Year Ahead
This is our hope.  No matter how bad life seems there’s typically a drive within us to remain alive.  We ought to thank God for such a prospect.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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