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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Our Weakness Accepted – God’s Strength Embraced

THIS article is about weakness, and the paradoxical nature of the strength that prevails for us when we’re intentionally weak; when we come to rely on God’s strength in our weakness.  First come these random though related thought statements to ponder:
What if weakness were the spiritual centrality of our life?
What if weakness were the key to unlocking the deeper life?
What if in weakness we transcend our shadow and move into God’s light?
What if.  I suggest not ‘what if’ but the fact of spiritual centrality, of unlocking, of moving into God’s light.
Weakness IS the reason we are strong.
In our weakness IS our light.
Out of weakness, not strength, we are truly strong.
If we can be weak, we’re then strong in the fact of our weakness.  Out of weakness is a strength of courage that faces what ought to be faced: the truth.
When Satan reveals us as weak, he has nothing on us.
If we won’t be embarrassed how will he elicit fear in us?
But God has everything in store for the one who bears their weakness.
If Satan has only shame and guilt and embarrassment and the like to attempt to banish us from God’s Presence, he has nothing when we welcome these very things.  Even if our secrets are revealed, the enemy of God has nothing on us.  Nothing.  God wants us to know how pathetic Satan is; that, though he seems powerful, he has no ground to stand when we bear the truth — a very simple obedience.
Weakness acknowledged is the power of truth in the marvel of light.
God builds His Kingdom through weakness; through weak people.
Weak persons are unknowing instruments of His power and grace.
There is a marvel of light known to the believer who steps through their fear to embrace their weakness.  God can only, and will only, use a weak person.  A person appearing in their own strength is a blight on God’s work.  They can no more help build God’s Kingdom than God can help them.  But weakness is their way back to the Presence, blessing and power of God.
Do you, today, choose to be adamantly weak?
Will you glory in that weakness as its own strength?
Will you see that in your acknowledged weakness you bear much light?
There’s much grace in the truth that, with our weaknesses accepted, we exude humility.  And we can only be a truer blessing to and for others when we have gotten out of our own way.  We were in our own way when we couldn’t accept our weaknesses, and then, as a result, our shadow got in the way of loving others as we could.  We found we could only love others when we’ve been able to love ourselves.
We will experience most power and freedom when we embrace that which should hold no fear: we’re strongest when we’re weak.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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