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Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Father’s Reflective Joy – a Poem

Porcupine prickly is not what I mean,

Brazened with emotion I feel pretty keen,

When I consider you—the fact that I’ve been,

Always there I’ll be for you, not a moment green.

Present that day you first peered into my eye,

Teary looks returned not a moment dry!

Now as I reflect back life’s a far cry,

I’ll feel this way about you until the day I die.

What is it about being a father I so often miss?

Crunchy golden pancakes and the parting kiss,

As our hearts warm together—the moment of bliss,

Cherished smiles and laughter, an inverse abyss.

You know me and I know you,

We help each when we feel blue,

Times together given but a clue,

Feelings when we helped each other, hence the peace we drew.

Though there are the trials, challenges and snares,

Blessed I am part of you—all abundant cares,

Even though it seems there are sometimes long-felt stares,

Notwithstanding part of you—all of my life bears.

The unbridled wonderment of earth’s hold on the sun,

Reminds me of the time the Lord showed me I’d won,

And even though this victory is never quite done,

We’ll see together, hang together, punctuated by fun.

And finally as I stand here to consider and muse,

Watching you do your thing hopefully not a bruise,

Knowing life is tricky, however not a ruse,

We only need trust each other and forever we will cruise.


So many hopes and dreams go into parenthood. Most of these hopes and dreams are transformed under the shadow of an often stark, humbling reality... or so it seems.

Yet, whilst parenthood’s never a thing to be taken for granted, we so often have. We learn so much more about ourselves as parents than we do beforehand. It’s got to be the hardest, yet most satisfying “job” on earth.

Perhaps it’s a case that we learn more about how God feels about us in our parenting; likewise, at some point we must let go.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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