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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vows of Love; Commitment True

On our Wedding day I declared my vows;

I promised each day to be the caring spouse;

To love you the very best I can;

Through the years—our collective span.

My intent whilst pure, honourable and condition-free;

And to serve and to trust and to cherish thee;

Is certain to fail from time to time;

Yet I know your forgiveness, patience and love are mine.

Likewise I stand by you always as one;

Knowing I must trust you until our days are done;

Ready to commit my selfish pride to die;

Respect and honour mutual they lie.

During the collection of the seasons of our lives together;

We will stand shoulder to shoulder, facing the world forever;

Through all the cherished and tragic memories we’ll gather;

With you to the end that’s all that matters.

And then as we look back;

The journey that was—a splendiferous track!

Sitting together on that park bench;

Strolling as if by heaven’s glorious fence.

Arm in arm, stride for stride;

Adoring each other, a joyful glide;

Our legacy, the pride, the groove;

Our family, what a team we’ll prove!


This poem’s about a journey and a destination—of love. It describes the flow and the give and take of love—the oft sacrifice; the triumphs, tragedies, joys and sorrows.

And as we give to each other and take part in life together, a life joined spiritually at the hip, we learn over and again it seems, the basic lesson of life; the purpose of it is beyond us, individually, and our meagre personal understanding. We sit quietly together, smile humbly and simply marvel.

Life with a partner right throughout is the way to ‘do life’ if it can be managed.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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