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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love – Almighty and Glorious Symbol of Eternity

“Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.”

~Author Unknown.

Love is the purest form of life. It gives when it has a choice not to, speaking voluminously; it gives unconditionally, passionately, faithfully, unswervingly—she’s to die for!

Love operates on its own schedule and makes its own rules—rules which operate in realms far beyond law. Love is the holy, higher law. Our law is human-made. Love is divinely conceived. Never the twain shall meet. And yet, can we conceive... our law is based upon love, viz. Duty of Care. All law, it seems, is. Law mimics love; it chases her.

Whenever we’ve been inspired we’ve been touched by love; when challenged though respected—this too is love. Love is virtue held to the test, faithfully bestowed. Love, then, is teamwork and victory against the odds, our purposes achieved.

True love is not contrived simply in some mushily fashioned affection. This form of love in high romantic season is a temporary-at-best sort of infatuation that cannot ever be sustained between two same people—not continually. People forever looking for this vain, excitable shimmer of love are usually crestfallenly disappointed by the veneer of “love” as it wears off and the tougher exterior of things finally takes shape and bears itself over ‘the relationship.’ Such truth is awesome; certainly the making of any true Valentine’s Day intended relationship.

Love is eternal—everything about it holds sway. It partners with such chief virtue as truth and wisdom and grace—fused together, only God could touch.

Love transcends all relevancies of time. Time is so inconsequential in its realm. It is breathless and hardly able to warrant a protest or challenge. It cannot command the legion of angels like Love can.

Love can be tough. It can take us places we do not want to go; places and situations that are shrieking and murderously difficult. In the character of care we cannot give up. We stand boldly and courageously knowing full well we must contend despite the losses, hurts, embarrassments, tumults and other depths. Is this not love?

It is that thing we experience when we’re touched, saddened, inspired and otherwise blown away by News, movies, great sporting feats and comebacks. When we learn of conjoined twins miraculously separated or of Haitians rescued weeks after they were long considered dead, we know love’s touch and we’re confounded, yet inspired. Even a September 11 catastrophe moves us most in love; the rounded depth of emotion brought to bear on the hearts of many millions. In this we know love has conquered the mightiest evil. It’s an unstoppable force. Love—the most profound sacrifice.

Love cannot be adequately described or categorised; we just stand in awe of her. We know she is the very meaning of life—and to confuse and pigeonhole her with romance is to completely undermine what she is all about. And yet, she forgives, always. And this is why she is so persuasively and welcomingly powerful.

Love. Now. Forever.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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