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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love Romantic and Remembered, “As It Was”

A love so rich, so inspiring,

Was caught that day—the ‘day of admiring,’

We both sought the soul-mate of our desires,

Truly, indeed, our souls afire.

And how do we conjure a love so great,

Prepared for passion like a spring in a gate,

We were sprung forth in zeal and imagination,

Nothing conceived halting our marvellous creation.

Presence shot forward, a scene to see,

Our meetings together under that tree,

Your tongue-laden kiss a taste to die for,

My arms around you—together a core.

As the ancients have said, two are better than one,

We agree, of course, right until our last days are done,

But those memories at first, the sexual urge to be won,

A golden thirst, it was the utmost fun.

Romantic love, a stunning reality,

Thrilled at the prospect, wrought in the alley,

We giggled and ate and walked and rode,

All along toward our marital abode.

And as our day approached, came and went,

We were together and had that time spent,

Once upon a time we dreamed of this,

Simply golden and resplendent, the cherished bliss.


When we consider the passage of romantic love we see but a glimpse, surely, of heaven. But this love makes fools of us far too often; witnessed for certain in the early demise of a vast number of “romantic” relationships, especially when the pressures of life start to relieve the lighter, most welcome, earlier moments.

But this is not to say that the romantic phase of our relationships is wrong. Heaven forbid! As our relationships mature we learn and grow together so much more, and that romance still took place and is re-discovered in an instant.

This necessitates our building of an oral tradition—much as the ancients did preceding printed materials. Our oral tradition, as we recall and reminisce, is the binding of us as we see each other in mix of one-being; one flesh!

With all due respect to our Diggers, the tradition of remembrance is so pertinent also to our relationships. Lest we forget: the romance. It’s integral to our collective identity.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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