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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Comprehensive Wonders of Curiosity

One thing is the pride and joy of human motivation: curiosity.

Take a scenario: four small children playing alone in a room with parents mingling together in a living room elsewhere in the house. Suddenly one of the parents detects silence; all parents have learned to suspect trouble from such a situation. Surely enough, the little foursome have found themselves some ‘fun’.

We are all innately curious. This can be both the life and death of us.

The heart can tell from the outset whether it’s trouble or blessing that’s created from such a landing as curiosity’s bringing. All our curiosity is characterised from the heart which forms it.

Forwards or Backwards – Never Still

Curiosity is like the gears of the transmission in a car. It can only drive us forwards or in reverse. It bodes us for either blessing or cursing. There’s no safe middle ground.

We learn and make a passion of learning, or we look for and ‘enjoy’ mischief. We all do, and truth be told, we do both. The person who’s characteristically wising themselves up to their folly, however, is going ‘forward’ in their curiosity; they learn and they love learning. It is life to them.

The person who’s enjoying the satisfaction of their sin—the short term curiosity gorging on what it doesn’t know will trap it in the end—is heading off the track of life, and though life seems blissful, that ‘blessing’ has a nasty bite to it. Sooner or later the truth will beckon and the trapdoor will shut, and out in never-never land we’ll find ourselves, spiritually.

Ever Forward We Go – If We Want to

Our positive curiosity—all in the basis of learning—will take us wherever we want to go on God’s mysterious path. We will, of ourselves, have majority say as the bounds of God are already established. We’ve committed to learning and God’s taken us seriously. The Spirit is, therefore, not obliged to send us on trips of harrowed learning, such that our pride, greed etc might be used to teach us lessons.

A sense of proceeding with life in an ever-learning manner is in keeping with fellowship, for we learn most from people, and in the midst of our relationships. These teach us most even about ourselves.

Learning, then, is about observation, reflection and application as much as it’s about re-observation, re-reflection and re-application. Over and over again it goes, continually.

Never are we to become sickened by its generous though repetitive cycle.

A great truth entwined in curiosity is this: when we forget to be curious in the most positive of ways we somehow forget to live at joy with our world. We begin to limit our perspective, and we begin to see all sorts of things that are there alright, but don’t truly warrant our time or consideration.

With some things in life, ignorance is bliss. Curiosity is keeping us ignorant-in-purity, for we have too much positive stuff going on to install the negative.

Good curiosity is protecting us from the dark way, for there are plenty of them, and each is to be avoided.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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