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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hey, There’s More Than Enough To Go Around

Say you’ve at last succeeded – what will you do when the devil and your desire intertwine to tempt you to look around; to note the ‘hangers-on’?

We all succeed. The opposite situation of envy at others’ success, though equally contemptible, is the temptation to ‘assess’ what others are getting from our success.

We have the choice here.

Do we note the bigness of it all—voluminousness of blessing, enough to go around and doubly some—or do we note an equally visible reality, the ever present hanger-on who just wants to be aligned with the success, for whatever reason?

Grace or judgment—the choice is ours.

The Unfolding Consequences of Each

We can be sure of one thing, however, once our choice is made for either grace of judgment. Grace will tend to grow our success even more, but judgment will make it never shrink faster.

Quite paradoxically, when we control things and grab them too tightly—like we would when we harshly judge—they have the habit of squeezing straight out of our fingers. Control is out of control.

‘Little’ Versus ‘Large’ Thinking

This is really the difference in the thinking.

If we are thinking largely we’ll not in the slightest be even worried about things out of our control.

Little thinking, however, always wants to control even gnats that don’t matter. They go off into convolutions of hassle for exactly the wrong things, never judiciously selecting what to focus on and what to leave well alone.

Success is Blessing

Whatever we term to be success really is blessing for us. Success happens as a matter of vision, conviction, planning and the discipline of hard work that’s required to get us there.

But, in the end, success is blessing.

God created blessing to be grown. We therefore should not be surprised in the slightest that God will also want others to be blessed with ourselves in the form and manner of blessing.

A blessing for success ‘shared’ alone or only with select members is controlling something that God alone has the patent for.

Take a Look at the Stars

When we consider the starry host above us on a clear night we get the shortest glimpse of what God’s like. God’s into big things, and he’s doing big things in and through us and others all the time.

It is never God’s will to limit blessing.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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