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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Taking Care in Answering

Some questions we’re asked are set in eternity. However we respond will command the angels’ to go ‘on our behalf’ and act. The heart makes it so.

Not often but certainly sometimes we’re asked questions—particularly by those influential ones in our midst—that when answered have lasting consequences for us. Here it is our hearts are often found answering for us, despite what our minds might want to think or believe otherwise.

Here we are noting particularly little (and large) incongruities between what we perhaps covet, finding attractive, and what we truly desire—at times beneath our conscious awareness.

So, here enters the covetous detail intermingled with the real heart desire we’re perhaps repressing. The latter wins most times for we ultimately cannot repress what our hearts are saying via our actions and body language if they’re observed long enough.

Take passion for instance. We cannot invent our passions. They come to us inexplicably, as if something in the heart were some sort of receiver to a notional transponder in the ether—wired are they to certain inner-heart drives.

The answers of our hearts are worn on our sleeves whether we like it or not.

Finally, if we take care when answering we can answer more congruently, checking off our truest desires and warding against slippery covetousness.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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