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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Going On Beyond Paranoia

Many times we doubt the sincerity of people – whether this is justified or not. When we’ve ‘been engaged’ by these we’re often tempted to withdraw. At times this is wise. Other times, however, we’re obeying those untrustworthy voices in our head that are advising us incorrectly – in fear and not in love. They quickly retrieve their barely dry washing from the clothesline.

Staring out the window,

Spins does the line,

Drying the clothes,

Out in the sunshine.

Innocently it hangs,

Gracing the breeze,

Free of pangs,

No sense of fees.

Then sees does one,

Others peering o’er fences,

Reproach commanded,

Suddenly defences.

Out they go,

To entreat the lies,

To rescue the clothes,

Beyond prying eyes.


Paranoia becomes people quicker than it often ought. We’re stunned as our imaginations walk off the track of reason into the city of reconcilable, but convincing, fear. Such fear acts as a warning, but it is very often clearly short on truth.

The danger we engage with when we withdraw from life and become less transparent is we become less accountable to others and we block off ways that others might speak into our lives. Sure, at the very same time we’re wise to block certain others from esteeming such roles in our lives; those that have betrayed our trust, or who would, given the chance.

Leaving the Washing Out Instead

Despite the fading of the clothing that occurs when we leave clothing out in the sun for many days over the lifetime of the garment, there is a real sense of the purity-of-soul that we can establish for our transparency in the midst of such exposure.

We leave it out, exposed, so we can achieve a level of rugged authenticity, which is open to challenge and able to withstand the elements of open confrontation, but importantly in ways that respects all-comers as well as being self-respecting.

This is a personal strength, revealing a quiet and calm confidence, which many come to admire. In this, we’re safe people to be around; our strength is a magnet for which others are attracted to. And funnily enough, because we wear our hearts a little more on the sleeve we free others to do just that too.

Before we know it we have a community. This is a place where people are free to be the people God always wants us to be. We can be ourselves.

In a world of much hype, lots of lies and rare snippets of authenticity we can be a beacon where people find rest, and we do too with ourselves.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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