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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Taking Life On Its Merits

Getting ahead or getting behind; common problems them both. It is better simply to take life as it comes, learning to plan, but little enough to retain the delicate balance.

Our motives, those further down than we’re often aware, are frequently our ruination.

More important to us at these times is ‘divining’ our place and how to maintain or improve our position. But life is more than positioning.

Denying Our Essence

When we go strongly past the issues closest to our true selves—and we do this will increasing ease—we begin to lose access to ourselves.

Strangers to ourselves we can become—at the extremes.

This is about identity. When we compromise that, we begin to entertain time to search on that wasteland road that most feel trapped on as they realise ‘suddenly’ they’ve arrived there—something that’s been cooking for months, if not years.

There’s hardly a more important thing to us than our identities. From the identity the person is.

Denying our essence is a dangerous business and it’s precipitated by the chronic practice of competing with a world that wins anyway. Seen this way, it’s a futile exercise from the very beginning.

A Better Way

It’s a repetitive message, but one that is constantly needed. We venture off the path of due merit all too freely.

The very best idea in living life is not getting ahead or behind—it’s simply about keeping up. It’s not scheming and developing intricate plans that will need to change anyway, as if romanticising life gets us anywhere productive, for it doesn’t.

Sure, we do it for entertainment, but that’s all, and in that we need to know the tenuous boundaries we operate within—these of which are most difficult to see, and are therefore often best avoided.

Rather than positioning ourselves for success, we’d do better to simply focus on the process of living. We’d find that a better and safer way through the journey that is life, and we’d have more joy and peace to boot.

It’s a simple message, but one with power to live... if we’ll only just simply live it.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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