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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dealing with That World Crumbling About Us

A truth of life is we all have times when the roof of our hope threatens to collapse over us. Whether it’s betrayal or loss or an unrealised goal or a million and more other things, the impact is the same. We can feel devastated.

And at the very same time there is a lot of information about ourselves that we’re not seeing, and whether it’s a failure to choose to see, or just that we can’t see, is beside the point.

We just don’t see the hopeful in our hopelessness.

There is another reality—it’s just that we can’t see it. But we can know it’s there.

Living Without Experience

Knowledge is a wonderful thing. It can have us believing things that we’re not presently aware of or seeing. When we know God exists and that his will is to bless us as we go the way of truth and light we have even a cold assurance in our hopelessness.

We can suppose, from a relatively safe distance, that we’re all quite frail in our lives; our identities fixed in certain ‘reliables’ that we expect not to change, like key friendships, our jobs and careers, and the construction of our families.

Only a few little things need to change and our worlds do feel like they’re crumbling about us, and then comes along the value of a good friend. Simply we call them and share our heart.

God is that friend for a good many; a friend we can rely on.

Above all there is the fact of our own frailty—that we’re never beyond having our worlds turned completely upside down. That should motivate us to be very thankful for the good things we’ve had, we have, and will have.

Nothing good should ever be taken for granted.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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