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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just Now, It Feels Like I’m Wasting My Time

I’m sure we’ve all felt this way. Somehow the day or the week hasn’t gone according to plan. Frustration has come in and made its home within us and it feels like a gatecrasher ready to terrorise us and our homes. We’re not at all happy of its presence, but then again, that is life!

Looking for sympathy is likely to be a vain search, and the more we look the more pitiful our cause is likely to become. We know this about others when they do the same thing; self-pity is genuinely reprehensible.

Still, we’ve all been there, and in a flash we return there again!

Waste is Relative

What one person calls a “waste of time,” another has a different name for. For some people a waste of time is a good investment; go figure.

We can figure that wastes of time are actually part of the overall learning curve, which is like an excuse that makes us feel better about it. If it works, why not?

But often we just don’t know what a ‘waste of time’ is, really.

The Enemy’s Barb

Our frustrated minds, and the covetous heart beneath all of us, desire for our plans—all of them—to come to fruition. We don’t like being messed around.

The enemy that is this self-righteous mind—notwithstanding the devil—has designs even beyond our consciousness.

We forget, frequently, who is actually in charge of this reality called ‘life’.

A Great Call – Beyond ‘the Waste’

“Coveting nothing” could actually become a great byword for us all—a vision of splendour where peace is known beyond any stimuli foisted upon us within this constant macrocosm of a temptation called ‘the world’ and all that’s in it.

We place too cheap a price on our peace; the quietness and meekness of our spirit’s that just want to be at neutral with the world, content however.

Being content with what we have is not just about staving away the greed of money—it’s very much the condition of the soul to become surrender; to the moment, to the needs of others over ours, and finally to the embracement of the unexpected.

It is only after we routinely accept our moments in surrendering to them that we stand to regain our peace—that which we surrender just as easily as we clamour for our own way... the worst of ‘prizes’.

There is Something Beyond the Waste

We so often don’t ‘get’ life until we see it through the view of others or certainly through our wiser hindsight.

A viewpoint that focuses on our wastes of time is not focused on our how much others can be blessed, and if not directly, perhaps indirectly, as they see our nonchalant and serendipitous ‘shrugged-shouldered’ acceptance of the most frustrating of all wastes.

It is in this that we possibly encourage and inspire others; attracting them to the peace that they too could have when they simply learn to let go of that grasping, covetous moment.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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