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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Neutrality from Life’s Observation Deck

Why is it that we’re still holding our views of certain people which are ancient history so far as they’re concerned?

Whatever they did that predisposed us to have a view has most likely changed. People do change. Besides, we can often be found judging incorrectly, via 20/20 hindsight.

What a personal disadvantage it is to be weighed down monumentally with thought of the past. This sort of outset has about it the potential preclusion of facts of the present to the persuasion of historical hearsay. No wonder some errors-of-life stick.

Even worse to be in a position of authority or power and exhibit these traits.

Signs of An Undisciplined Mind

We’re all likely to recognise these traits where honesty motivates us. The facts of grudge-worthy thought have surrounded every last one of us. We’ve all had to deal with the clouded cognitive reality where a certain person or situation has been met with a lack of grace or favour on our parts. We certainly recall where we’ve been on the receiving end of such partiality.

What we have here, if nothing else, are the signs of an undisciplined mind that’s aloof with its imagination, vagrant of fact, estranged to fairness.

Again, apart from others who’ve been like ‘this’ to us, we’ve known of it personally as we’ve set ourselves against others.

Welcoming the Reality Check

It is good to wake up from this daze. And if we won’t awaken ourselves it is likely that we’ll be proverbially slapped about the cheeks by someone else or another situation, eventually.

But when we’re on the receiving end, and another person is unfairly casting us out for their own partiality, our reality check needs to be different. We understand and empathise, as God would, that they appear not to considering all they ought to. Forgiveness, then, becomes our angle. We cannot do anything else. There’s no use losing sleep over it.

We pray that right-sight will come for them, and we defuse any reason on our parts to limit such possibilities. In other words, we present no reason to become a barrier to their acquisition of this right-sight.

Whether it’s us that are the target or the offender, or whether we just see it in a situation nearby or not, matters little. Blessed is the person in possession of the truth.

Observers Over Life

As we cast our own gaze over life, and our auguries are hence made visible, we’re blessed perhaps with a mightier perspective.

This is the ‘observation deck’ experience.

How mighty it is to imagine being on holiday or vacation—touring the countryside and aloft admiring the views from a lookout—and in a detached peace, we gain glimpses into the heart ‘n’ soul of life, as it is. When God awakens within us these propensities, we wonder just how we got there, but we’re ever thankful for such holy revelation. It realigns and bridges our partiality.

Finding such neutrality is the blessing of the Lord toward tangible and intangible blessing. Suddenly the most intrinsic and empathetic love of true humility is known again toward our fellows. And peace is hence known. Life is beautiful again.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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