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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Working Just to Keep Up?

It is true that too many of us are forced to work harder than we’d like to – and at times beyond our capacity to most adequately care for our loved ones. It is only natural that we will feel guilty, vulnerable and trapped.

This is a very ordinary problem in our world. It is an unjust set of circumstances that sees this situation unfold, and yet by our propriety of dignity we prove our character in bearing up admirably under the strain to those loved ones of ours. They must sense where our hearts are at. They will certainly do so.

Some people have jobs that demand of them their full focus, even out of hours. Some just arrive home exhausted after every shift. Others feel constantly caught between home needs and work needs. And there are a plethora of other conflicting and incompatible goals.

Focussing on the Advantages

A stoic approach to circumstances that seem beyond us is the advance of character to overcome our situations. People can only ever admire an ‘overcomer’.

We can see here how our children and extended family may admire us for our vocational resolve when our backs are against the wall. We don’t get the same level of admiration (or any at all) for putting ourselves under this pressure, if it’s in our ability to avoid it.

Those that rely on us can actually be educated on the values of virtue surrounding diligence by noting such stamina and resilience. This is how they’ll be setting their benchmarks so far as dealing with difficulties is concerned, and this can only be a good thing.

Take Heart – Change Will Come Like a Fresh Breeze

Having faith that at the proper time change and relief will come is the hope we need to hold onto. Some people are studying right now so they might be extricated from their current onerous situations. This is good planning ahead. It is bettering us.

Life is not destined to be always the way it is now. Though we do not see it, we’re on a collision course for change, and whether we like it or not our circumstances are very likely to change whether we plan for it or not.

Change always comes. Planning together with this reality means improved circumstances are very really our destiny.

We are the ones most in control of our own lives, even if that seems a little dreamy and unrealistic right now.

We’re blessed to plan our way to better life, and then to work innovatively to bring fruitfulness to the plan.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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