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Monday, November 15, 2010

Tools to Cope

It’s what we need in life; tools to cope with:

L The unexpected,

L Worries and anxieties,

L Distractions,

L Boredom,

L People,

L Change... always does life change, and

L Grief.

It is rather unfortunate about life that if it’s not pouring rain it’s a drought. When things are busy they’re too busy and we feel like our attention is so stretched at times we feel sorely tempted to bite someone’s head off. When things run quietly we have the ‘gall’ to go and get bored. There are fleeting instances only of happy in-between times.

But coping, or failing to cope, and even doubting, is serious business.

Tools to cope are trust-enabled blossoms of intent which are furnished by action. They are ideas with which we take and get published, but in our name only, for they—which are customised—could only be used by us.

A Key Purpose

Finding our tools for coping is like a treasure hunt, but we don’t see it that way normally. At best, we loath the process. But the truth is we’re on a journey to ourselves and coping, as a series of measures, with the target list above and more in our sights, means we are very blessed to try out different mechanisms in determining what’s right just for us.

We are thankful—it is hoped—for fear-ridden experience, for this is exactly how we will learn... and in the midst of it, in or via honesty with ourselves and others; as much as is wise and that we can bear.

Turning Our Minds Back for Assurance of a Good Future

There’s nothing like reflecting over our near and distant pasts as a way of more fully appreciating where we’ve come from. It is truly a good thing if we’re able to cringe at ‘what used to be’ for us.

Perhaps we once had real issues with our anger or that we’ve hardly looked back from our recovery from depression. It is good to look back from the position of safety—to draw confidence and to be quickly reminded that what ‘was’ is possible. We also learned a great deal about ourselves in these, surely.

Our Futures Are Bright if We Believe Them to be

This sub-heading above is conditional. We will learn to cope better and become more resilient if we believe we will be.

This is not just about positive psychology. It’s the Wisdom of God implicit in faith; a God-imbued faith of and for ourselves to deal in and with the world proactively.

And why? It’s because we can.

Tools to cope are ours for the taking. It’s our God-willed destiny.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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