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Sunday, March 13, 2011

In God’s Economy, EVERYBODY’S Free

“No one can belittle you without your consent.”

~Morgan Freeman.

Who’s slave and who’s free? We all have a part in both, but we can’t be slaves without our consent.

Building on the philosophies of Viktor Frankl, there is a vast chasm between real freedom and death—spiritual death.

Freedom is choice.

Beyond race, nationality, religion, gender preference and all things, there is freedom, and this is proven at the level of the mind. Beneath the mind is the heart. And beneath that is the soul, which speaks for the spirit in every single one of us.

The mind cannot be held captive.

The vestiges of thought that occur in the reasonable mind of one human being—at any time in history—are tantamount as representative of humanity as a whole. We cannot deny it. God alone sets that person where they are, and with a cosmic microphone they shall boom their thoughts for all generations that have been and all that are to come. We call that “history.”

If that is how God will have it be, that is how it will be. Each of us lives that reality.

We are of one mind—that is the mind of humanity. That is, the mind of a people who need God, for the formwork of freedom is there.

But the freedom we discuss here is the freedom borne only in the mind. We all have it within us. We cannot work for someone against our wills. We are the ones that go there each day. No one makes us. We choose to do it.

What This Has To Do With Life

There is so much indifference within life and—besides that which differentiates for godly reasons—all of this is of the enemy, scheming to establish and resonate hurt.

The commonest level of thought to humanity is to not embrace freedom when we can have it—for God insisted we have it—but instead to embrace indifference, separatism and exclusivity; the shrine for spiritual death, because life relies on unity, even in disagreement. That is respect at its most fundamental level.

Our freedom relies on a common bond, not in bondage to the idea of small mindedness.

Still, now, today, we can make the choice to go for or against the divisions that have been set up almost from time immemorial.

This has a lot to do with life.

As Morgan Freeman says, there is no black and there is no white. God sees no division. God sees only freedom for all—to be made at a choice at the level of the mind. God made us to look, think and behave differently so as to enhance the concept of love, not to destroy it.

Our hearts need transforming to embrace this unified truth. Our spirits already speak the language, for God’s software has been installed since before we were conceived.

We have more control over our freedom than we realise.

Where, today, do we choose to live in spiritual death because we choose to do the things we do begrudgingly?

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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