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Friday, March 4, 2011

Living as a Fly On the Wall of Your Life

No matter how well connected we are with our lives, there is always benefit in checking-out for a time to simply observe, to learn what’s going on.

Dynamics are a very oily thing. We don’t counter them that well, let alone predict them. Maybe there are too many variables. Perhaps life is predictable enough, though I don’t think there’d be too many complaints about having more control over situations.

Taking that time over in a comfortable corner can serve to engender perspective.

We all lose perspective from time to time.

It’s easy to envisage how a loss of perspective, together with life’s normal dynamism, can seriously undermine our spiritual success in life. It’s angering actually. The more loss of control we experience, the more loss of control we experience. It’s a sinkhole syndrome.

Taking Time Out

Instead of resenting the time out like we did as children, intentional time out—whether it’s for five minutes or five days—is a boon to our self-efficacy, which is the value of our confident ability to manage life.

Our worlds expect much from us already. If we don’t get the time out when we need to take it, we can start to expect things from ourselves that not even our worlds do. This is dangerous territory.

We end up in a cesspool to fatigue and that process is more rapid than we initially comprehend.

Wisdom is taking the time we need to take, when we need to take it. God’s generous in the provision of just enough time combined with the blessed capacities to enjoy revival, if we’ll approach it in a state of surrender.

‘Fly on the Wall’ as a Learning Initiative

More positively, we find out so much about the motives of people and their stances in life—and ours in response—when we take a little distance... even every day.

Disenfranchising our lives is not an irresponsible practice. It’s providing God with the ignition keys to our lives. An active provision of momentary surrender, we make God the mouthpiece once again, as we pray for discernment in hearing Divine insight.

What we see, hear and experience in this blessedness is never wasted. The mere fact we decided to take our foot off the accelerator pedal, to breathe and find our spiritual centre, is a sure blessing to us.

It can be said that adding this to our routine is making for us a safe future—both immediate and long-term. Imagine the extra wisdom of space in just our decision-making alone.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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