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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Larger View is Simpler, Cleaner, Lovelier

Miss one green light and our blood boils beneath our skin. Hone in on the little, fleetingly important thing going wrong and we miss the bigger picture.

Such is life. We can’t have it all ways.

The photograph and not even 3D can reproduce what the humble human eye can see. And that is an imposing analogy for the difference between sighting little things opposed to large. Full peripheral vision is incredibly more majestic than the coolest Twenty-second Century technology.

The real life is the large life—the big perspective.

Do we see the little bad or the broader good? One is daftly polarising, the other inspirationally liberating.

One is critique, the other is joy.

One to Be Reminded of

It’s easy to feel hypocritical writing these words, for this is me all over... an aspirer to the good, broad matters of life, but so often trapped in the littleness of my bereft-of-God thinking. At a weaker moment, I choose to point out a wrong instead of admiring the overall beauty of a thing done, perhaps for love.

Digging into the detail snowballs our thought; soon we’re weighed down hard by a world the size of a pinprick. The volumes combine and the load is mountainous.

Thinking larger is not so much about losing opportunities to improve things as it’s the commitment to withdraw from little thinking as far as it becomes unnecessary.

Reminders of this are good; we allow the presence of little thinking just long enough to make use of its separatist conditionality. Then we hop right back into the large thinking space.

Advantages of the Larger View

Peace is a thing we all run after, but many are the ways to hell that promise us peace!

The way we use our minds can bring us quickly to peace. Also, the way we interact with people either proffers us peace or it creates tension and war within.

The mind and our relationships survive and thrive on an outlook that doesn’t sweat the small stuff. The mind’s longer term view and our appreciative views of others, as opposed to criticising them, both deliver enormous advantages.

When our minds are under control and our relationships are at ease, we too are in control and at ease. The larger view has brought us here, and God blesses us spiritually with many untold highs.

The larger view is lovelier because it’s real, cutting away at the fabrications a tiny world will seek to indwell, simply because there’s space to fill.

Right-sizing life is a boon for thought and relationships. Suddenly we’re seeing things the way they are, but it’s not how most people see.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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