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Monday, February 20, 2012

Battling Pornography’s Mysterious Allure

One humble search of the Internet, using search terms like “private moment” and “delicious love,” reveals numerous images that sweep an unassuming, though perhaps naive, mind into a volley of temptation.

What is it about images or descriptions of naked bodies, bodily poses, or sexual acts that transfixes the human mind to consider entering the web of temptation?

Analysing such a question may help or it may not. But it’s clear that, when it comes to pornography, whether hard or soft—at any level where the mind is involved in lust—there is no allowable space for experimentation; for, like moths testing the flames, our wings will inevitably be burned, and we may fall into an incineration beyond immediate repair.

Touching A Mystery

Much of the gripping allure enfolded in sexual sin is, perhaps, common to the allure evoked in broader temptation; alcohol, other drugs, gambling, etc. There is something mysterious, and altogether captivating, in this thing that connives and coerces us.

The truth is such mysteries cannot be touched.

To touch them is to be, potentially, drawn into a sinkhole; the whirlpool effect drags us down quicker and quicker; the trouble is we don’t know when such a pull will start. Much of temptation works this way. We convince ourselves for promises of pleasure, perhaps, in a way, ‘well earned’. There is always some strange justification and, as we look back in retrospect, it proves as folly.

The truth is there is no justification for being drawn into sin. And whilst it’s true, much sin we get away with, in practical terms, some sin will take us to a rapid, uncompromising demise. Sexual sin is a graphic case at point. It only gets worse.

Quickening The Response

Anyone putting themselves above and beyond any particular sin is, without spiritual doubt, placing themselves in the Land of Pride; that which precedes many a fall.

The only real protection we have against the mysterious allure of pornography is the quickened response—to be ever mindful, as we approach anything attractive, that an about-turn, to repent in the moment, is the only good way.

The quicker our mind works in determining the presence of such threats, and the quicker our hearts join in, informing the mind to turn decisively back toward God, the better it is for us.


We cannot afford to entertain the slightest temptation regarding pornography. Any nakedness or sexual imagery, anything similarly written, or anything in general that sparks feelings of attracted lust is a warning—don’t go there... not one more step... turn back now.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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