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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our Time Here Is Too Valuable

We get deluded so much in life regarding the product of conflict. We are hurt too easily and we, correspondingly, hurt others without the full sense of compassion we would have if it was us on the receiving end. We are very fallible creatures—human beings.

But, on the other hand, our time here is too valuable to leave horrible relational circumstances as they are. It’s never too late to correct them while we can. Indeed, it’s never too late to straighten many things we’ve done—to make things better.

Our Time’s Too Valuable For Unresolved Conflict

Many people, as they approach the end of their lives, rue former circumstances; they see things more as they truly are. They see their conflicts with others more as a result of their unresolved inner fears, and they view these others with more grace. They find that, just as time passes quickly, from the view of retrospect, certain things are meaningful and certain others just aren’t.

If they’re wise they’ll forgive themselves for messing some of their relationships up.

They’ll also see that some relationships were beyond repair. Acceptance becomes their mood.

We’re bound to make many mistakes in the field of relations with other people. The quicker we can resolve within our own minds that time is too valuable to waste in leaving conflict dangling, and emotions stewing, even dormant, the better our lives and their lives will be. This is as far as it depends on us.

Our Time Here Is Too Valuable To Miss Other Things

Notwithstanding conflict, there’s a raft of other things we can condition ourselves to do, now, so as to enhance the time we have—for time is eternally precious.

Our time here is too valuable for distraction, unless distraction is our objective; sometimes rest requires that we be distracted from life. From such a viewpoint, distraction is urgently good. Sometimes a virulent escape is called for. Otherwise, distraction leads us away from actualising ourselves in achievement.

We shouldn’t waste time focusing on minutia; sweating the small stuff is, though, something we tend to do. Nothing in life is important enough to get intentionally upset over. The real upsets will upset us beyond our will—this is when God engages with us through suffering and grief. Why do we purposely upset ourselves?

Life’s too valuable to miss vital truths. So many of these truths encircle and correspond to our relationships. Looking after one another is the wisest thing we could do.

And time’s too valuable to circumvent grace; to break the rules of life for a self-absorbed, short-sighted end. Whenever we establish injunctions on people, without cause, the egg inevitably lands on our faces, yet everyone is shamed.


Our time here is too valuable to waste. Every day we should pray for wisdom, so we would hurt and be hurt less. Our time is too short to leave things in conflict; we resolve them today, whilst we have the chance, as far as it depends on us. Then we feel at peace.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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