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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Calmness and the Libido

The harder we try the worse it gets.

That which is a golden life truth we’re destined to have to learn, again and again. We cannot interact with our worlds, enjoyably so, without the soundness of freedom within our expression; the calmness of precious little pretentiousness.

We may be able to fool others—we cannot fool ourselves.

Additionally, ill-health and stress, and scores of other things, interrupt the precision of calmness that informs, and releases, our libido. Yes, we talk about sex; but it’s more. Libido must be the basis of all play; of all joy.

Approaching Self-Discovery

Issues surrounding our libido involve complex dynamics—ourselves with ourselves, ourselves with others, and even that of others in conjunction with our general world, and every bit of information in between. All this is the seedbed of self-discovery. This sense for self-discovery is the opening of a pristine gate into the soul of our real selves.

As we approach self-discovery, we find the bases for many mysteries solidifying to the point where more things begin to make sense. The chaotic paradigm has made way for a flow.

Such a flow takes the path of least resistance, because there is verily no resistance left.

The feature of plain, uninterrupted flow is the breezy faith that almost doesn’t care; it can no longer stand in the way of itself. But it has wisdom. Acceptance, and the remittance of tribal joy, means that whether we’re alone, or with friends, or with our partners, we can be ourselves. Maybe for the first time.

The beauty of such a state is not only what is happening to us, but the sheer personal enormity of approaching self-discovery. The heights of blessing, to this end, cannot ever be scaled. Tremendous is this thought.

The Effect Of Such Freedom On Others

Imagining the very best of our performing selves, our minds are tight but our bodies are loose. There is elasticity about our interaction because we exude freedom. We have survived the stresses; we have recovered our health; now is the time to reap the long hoped-for results—physically, and ever more practically, we stand for blessing.

Perhaps we’re not there yet. But reading the above, there is hope.

When we feel free within ourselves, calm even without reason, such a freedom rubs off on others. They stand to be blessed, too.


The connection between the body, mind and soul is brilliant. There are many ways to resolve the tension that lowers libido. Calmness is our ally. To the extent we value and can achieve calmness is the extent to which we’ll recover our zest for life. Patience is our key. So, too, is the courage to take the time and action to restore calm.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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