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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Forgiveness and Freedom for Today

To the converted, forgiveness just makes sense—it is a choice for today; the superior choice over the option to choose for yesterday. Forgiveness is a risk taken in order for the faith (to let go) to play its part so we might live freely.

Yesterday Is Always Inferior

When we understand this truth, that our yesterdays, no matter how good they were or whatever we achieved, are inferior to today, we accept that forgiveness is the best choice.

Forgiveness believes for today, appreciating it over a nearly-as-good yesterday; it takes its hurt, laments it one final time, and then lets it go—as if a helium balloon into the sky. It watches it disappear into the ether and calm pervades.

Yesterday is not only inferior to today, it has less power over us than we might think. It is only within our minds that yesterday has power; yet, it’s a veneer—a fabrication. It looks big and menacing, but has little teeth in comparison with the present moment which is real.

What Is Left Behind Frees Up The Day

When we let go of the things that held us back we earn license to move forward, unencumbered by the prattling complaints the mind has been haggling with.

Let’s not pretend that letting go is an easy affair—it usually isn’t; we might need to let go repetitively over the same issues, choosing for the day rather than sitting within yesterday’s resentment. Tomorrow we may well have the same challenge; as we choose for the day again, however, the metaphorical yesterday is let go.

And as we free our wings to fly within the full capacity of our circumstances, we have no burdensome external restraint holding us back, fatiguing us from glorious flight.

Appreciating Today Is All We Have

The most vital truth presented before us is this: today is all we have; yesterday, and within it, the conflicts and unresolved tensions, is actually unreal. They no longer exist except in our minds and flailing hearts.

Now we have it, we take it with both hands, looking out to the world before us, noting all possibility and potentiality: the world is our oyster, as they say, but only when we have decided yesterday is not enough.


Forgiveness is the vehicle transforming the hurt of yesterday into freedom today. Today is all we have and it’s all we need. Focusing on yesterday redeems only anguish; leaving it behind is peace.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

Image Credit: AllPosters.com.

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