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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leaving and Receiving a Love Note

The element of surprise is employed with great effect at the leaving of a love note. Just as pertinent within the realm of romance as they are in winning schemes of encouragement, the written word makes use of one of the key love languages: words of affirmation.
But romantically speaking, the love note is much more than an affirmative communication; it approves the relationship, encourages passion, engorges intimacy, and inspires commitment.
Love notes are like flowers, rarely given perhaps, and ever precious enough to retain for later reflection, though love notes keep better.
Thinking Through The Love Note
As we author these notes, we think about previous experiences within the relationship, and the features of the person we’re writing for we want them reminded of; their best relational characteristics.
We want to give voice to our creative flair, and no matter how much we reject others’ overtures regarding our writing ability, in false modesty, we don’t protect ourselves now, and we write about things most personal, under the influence of the Holy Spirit; then, we write like C.S. Lewis.
As we think through the content and structure of our love notes, rehearsing them on scrap paper, perhaps, we perfect a little verse, a poem, or simply a series of words or sentences that will mean so much.
Receiving One Such Note
Even more important than writing a love note is receiving one with much grace; for many people, receiving gifts is harder than giving—to receive them genuinely, enthusiastically, and without apology. Receiving one such note, and receiving it well, is a gift bestowed on the giver of the note, also.
As we read this, we may be thinking, “It’s so long, if ever, since I’ve received such a note.” Never mind, it may be our opportunity to give. Givers of gifts are soon, also, in receipt of them, generally speaking.
As we receive our love notes we take the time to enjoy what’s written and to believe it, what’s more. This is what they genuinely feel. The love note is the most serious attempt to communicate that which can sometimes only be communicated these ways. Love notes are sacred.
To give or receive a love note, romantic or otherwise, is an experience where life, for that moment, stands still. When we give someone a love note we bless their soul in ways we can never replicate. When we’re on the receiving end we feel special in ways we couldn’t beforehand predict.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.
Image Credit: Lindsay.

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