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Friday, December 19, 2014

Standing True Behind Every Emotion

The hardest days, the toughest weeks, those excruciating months where the pitch clouds of horror hover overhead; they happen. Likewise, there are the surreal days, wondrous weeks, and the seemingly faithful months. Then there’s the balance of life that exhibits very much a lack of anything good, but nothing earth-shattering either. But each and every day, week, and month brings its fullness of emotion. If we live life true we will feel, because a thinking person cannot help but feel.
Extracting the emotion in the given moment is an important thing to do; to be aware of and to accomplish. The truth is every waking moment is an instant in time where we have to have an emotional response, whether it’s elation, consternation, or ambivalence – and so many others along the continuum of the emotions.
We would all like to stand true behind every emotion; not just the exciting ones.
How do we take stock of all our emotions?
With situational awareness, sparked by an interest in our felt experience, we are able to take note of what we feel, and to respond in kind.
Experiencing the fullness of the emotion in the moment may take strength, and it may take courage, and it will certainly in some cases take willingness, but a fullness for life is also experienced. Such a fullness is the abundant life that Jesus came to Earth to reveal to us. Such a fullness is the benefit of spiritual maturity – to have that sense for the truth of life and to deny none of it; to bargain away nothing; to resist nil of that which is destined to sanctify our lives more and more.
There is much of what we experience as exhilarating and empty and everything between that God wishes to speak into. Only as we go to a deeper level of willingness to explore the emotional material at truth will we receive the fullness of what God had destined for us from the beginning.
Standing true behind every emotion is taking God at his Word; that he who is with us will never leave nor forsake us; that his grace is ever sufficient for all our needs.
Standing true behind every emotion is the commitment to experience all of life from the viewpoint of courage, humility, and wonder.
Embracing the fullness of our emotional experience is a life lived with courage and committed to the truth and the receipt of God’s grace.
God wants us to be true to what we feel.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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