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Thursday, March 26, 2015

29 Ways to Get Unstuck

If you have to keep wondering where you stand with someone, perhaps it’s time to stop standing and start walking.
— Author Unknown
Seasons come and seasons go and we might be forgiven for thinking whilst at the halcyon heights that we have everything sorted. But pride comes before a fall. My 2010 was a case in point. It was a great year. But then came 2011!
Here are 29 ways to help us get unstuck from an unsatisfying season:
1.     Acknowledge your weakness and even major on it. Make it your magnum opus.
2.     Take a break by changing the pace and environment you’re in.
3.     Get around people, positive though realistic people.
4.     Don’t take no for an answer: persist!
5.     Enjoy what you loath and learn to loath what you enjoy.
6.     Consider being less interested in your own life such that others’ lives are more appealing.
7.     Take up something new and make every effort to put it high on your priorities.
8.     Go see your medical professionals and get intentional about getting healthier.
9.     Believe in transcendence, which is a spirituality of faith in the impossible.
10. When you’re mad, smile into a mirror (a genuine smile).
11. When you’re sad, smile into a mirror, and allow laughter, so long as you’re not ridiculing yourself.
12. If you’re glad, take a moment to think of those who have no clean drinking water.
13. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in twenty years.
14. Grace the centre stage of your former life, sit there and reflect.
15. Enjoy the vantage point of somewhere you’ve never been.
16. Throw all your past away without throwing who you are away.
17. It may seem novel, pray. (This really should not be number 17.)
18. For every month you’ve been stuck there is a month of growth deposited in the bank of good lessons.
19. Take a chance on destiny without allowing destiny to take a chance on you.
20. Decide to take your embittered heart out with you when you dispose of the trash.
21. Taste the water you drink, smell the air you breathe. Consume with your senses.
22. Try a night on the streets. You’ll never take your bed for granted again.
23. Imagine what you would do if you had an extra $143.65 in your wallet or purse.
24. Create something that has never been created before. Make something priceless.
25. Think up some wonderfully lucid thoughts that are drenched in holy fantasy.
26. Put an apple on your boss’s or teacher’s desk, if it won’t create more problems!
27. Collect up all your photos and start collecting heads, arms, hands and feet.
28. Reckon life to be an irony. Start entertaining, without living, the opposites.
29. Stop trying to get unstuck when it’s probably making things worse.
The strangest incident releases us from being stuck emotionally or spiritually.
The less we try our hardest the easier we find it is to learn and grow.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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