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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Betraying Temptations to Sexual Sin and Unfaithfulness

In a vision I was given I was shown how remarkably easy it is to be lured into temptation to engage in sexual sin.
(So thankful am I for the revelation inbound of a mystery. There is most often little or resolutely no connection with what is going on at the time the content and meaning of the revelation is received. Hence, the revelation, as a warning or as an encouragement, is always gratefully received as it is later pondered. And it is seen for what it is, for it is pungent with truth. This revelation is the communication of the Spirit demanding the furtherance of his holy communication. I am, again, to be used as his messenger!
Please, read on...)
To be lured into temptation to engage in sexual sin is not the wrong, in and of itself.
Our weakness to submit as if we had no other choice, however; that’s the wrong. It’s our weakness of intention to forget what is behind and what is ahead — the relationships implicit of faithfulness we are about to take immediately and surreptitiously for granted — which is never more wrong. The travesty about to prevail is a sinner’s snare when they don’t see the litany of corpses strewn ahead; none more, their own. The awesome calamity that is about to beset one and one’s loved ones — and so many more!
Yet being lured into temptation to engage in sexual sin is astoundingly powerful as a force for wrong, and, if we match up the seductive power of our innate sexual desires and our needs of felt intimacy with the innate propulsion of wrongdoing in sexuality enacted inappropriately, we have a potent thousand proof cocktail that inebriates even the ‘very best’ of humanity!
This is the problem I feel the Holy Spirit wants me to proclaim: Engage the human being, yes anyone, at the level of need, and there, place such ‘national’ (whole-of-being) pleasure in their lap — a caress, a tickle, a requited glance, a touch — and there is potential for an incursion of disaster to occur internationally. The process of cause-and-effect is ignited. And a rocket-propelled vehicle goes faster down a spiral. The forces of calumny are only just now coming into being! There is a woe in its creation!
Only one accord for international relations is permissible: marriage — when one’s body (their ‘nation’) takes up with another’s to the alliance of consummate unity to the very last breath; until death parts them.
Whatever is intrinsically enjoyable that may involve inadvertent sexual contact — and not necessarily, and not usually, genitalia — may prove irresistible. The brush of skin or hair, a gaze set upon and taken in longer than the wiser look away, the sneaky note or text message, time spent together meeting in a conspiracy of pleasure, the meeting of a need inappropriately, in sum; these, and more, are killers of good international relations — global safety and security is on the line! All that is needed for a runaway train is for attitudes to become behaviours, let alone if behaviours become habits! For a habit so appalling reaps a cataclysmic event — an unprecedented derailment — coming all too soon. From there the unfolding destruction goes ahead of the person who took no account for the consequences. Destruction is then manifest in myriad dynamism. Once an event like this is in its horrendous throes there is no recovering it until all the forces at play come to a complete standstill. Disaster recovery must then wrestle with what is, having full control over the management of such a horribly disfigured scene.
But it need not ever be; we have our own devices of Spirit-led and Spirit-contained response enabled for the moment; ‘surprise’ is never really surprise when our Spiritual acumen is enabled.
We have no excuse.
Warning upon warning is provided, if we are interested enough in national and international welfare.
We must betray our mortal impulses and actually mortify them.
The more habitual we become at shifting swiftly away from inappropriate affections, the less power they have over us.
Faithfulness is a lifetime of relational investment stored in heaven — to the glory of God — but unfaithfulness is bankruptcy both in heaven and on earth.
Integrity of heart and behaviour is the sharpest arrow of blessing. It penetrates the bullseye every time. Faithfulness is the sweet spot on the target toward satisfaction.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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