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Thursday, March 12, 2015

God and the Alien World

Miracles are the business of God, and so is the supernatural, but to the extension of science fiction—the alien realm—I am not sure.
The more we learn about the universe the more it’s suggested that there are equal probabilities that alien life forms do and don’t exist. God continues to blow our minds regarding the size and majesty of his created universe, yet there is no observed evidence of these forms, barring conjecture, and disparate first-hand experiences.
We can observe a miracle by the healing of a person, or the transformation of a life, but alien contact is not something that we can say has been observed. You’d think in our media-hungry world for stories there’d be ample content available. And, one would need to be suspicious, given what can be done in the post-production of video.
If there is such a thing as alien life forms present in the universe we would be alien to that lifeform. But the more we search the more we find there is no life like humanity elsewhere.
Certainly our Christian ethos is firm. God made humanity in his likeness, so if God has created any alien lifeform, in whose image is that lifeform made? We cannot be sure.
If we love God we must come back to what is biblical—to what the Spirit reveals in God’s Word. God loves humanity. It’s our honour to love God back by using our imaginations responsibly.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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