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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Beautiful Laugh

THE FESTIVE OCCASION—nothing truly beats it. Cycle turned full circle, again we celebrate, whatever the occasion. It’s the culmination of things as people come together—of one mind and heart, with a central purpose.

Laughter—a cleansing tonic of the spirit for the soul—takes hold, builds and eventually ebbs. It’s communicable, the common laugh. It’s an elixir; it makes the joy of life tangible.

During a recent work function I was blessed just to sit back for a few minutes and take in all the frivolity of laughter and fun going on around me; an outdoors event on a lovely morning, people chipper and without much of care in the world. I might’ve been ‘at work’ but it could hardly have been better. The mood of an important team-bonding occasion had “infected” everyone.

People enjoying the company of one another bring a certain truth to bear. Though it is always nice to get some solitude, this life was meant to be lived in this sense of community.

Celebrations. These are the high points of living with other people; our contemporaries. Aren’t you just amazed and inspired by many of those who make their existence with you? Different people; what they’ve achieved; where they’ve been; what they’ve done; who they’ve known... separate souls in communion with us, ‘for such a time as this.’

Funny laugh or just simply a good laugh, we know that it is good when we hear others laugh and it’s even better when we do too. Laughter invokes character.

A beautiful laugh is just that—any old laugh—and certainly one had in a positive, good-humoured spirit. It laughs at the ironical nature of life but doesn’t create any unjust humour out of vulgarity or in ridicule.

A good laugh is a mighty salve.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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