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Friday, April 30, 2010

Good Start... Now to Go On With It

WE MAKE THUNDERINGLY POSITIVE STARTS TO MANY OF OUR RELATIONSHIPS, but we inevitably always get to a plateau. There seems a time for all of us where we tire of the initial passion and we can then be faced with quite biting realities; living with this person.

Making a good start in our relationships isn’t as hard as maintaining the good initial effort, not that most of the time the start is any real arduous effort at all; it’s often a pure joy.

Going on with our relationships year in, year out takes tenacity and resilience which is not common to us, but these are qualities we can learn and develop if we’re aware of the need of them.

We need a vision. Where do we see ourselves at the end of the journey? When we look back, what will we see?

What are we hoping to achieve by maintaining a great relational rapport with our partners? There are many considerations, so it’s important to have our own personal desires (and theirs) defined in words.

Life gives us time to create our own vision—our own dream, if you like—and time to re-create it in actuality. What a dazzling thought that is!

There is nothing more inspirational, in terms of relationships, than two people pulling together for the common good—both requiring the best of their individual selves in order to play their responsible part in the divine story that is their life, together.

And so it is for us... to start, yes, but then again more fundamentally to continue, to strive, to go onto the next revelation and the one following and so on—not clinging to the present or the past.

We can only do this well when we have the other person firmly in the grasp of our own minds and hearts—at least enough to silence our own persistent whinges that set themselves on trapping us beyond a heavenly relationship we’re otherwise destined for.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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