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Sunday, April 11, 2010

What and Who Are You Giving Your Energy To?

THE COMINGS AND GOINGS OF LIFE come to rest in this thing called “energy.” The basis of the created world speaks fundamentally of energy—its state and flow. Physics and chemistry—the physical sciences—represent energy, but if we leave it there we miss an altogether equally fundamental thing for us humans: mental, emotional and spiritual energy.

As the physical sciences dictate what is given out is hence returned in equal portions—the Sir Isaac Newton laws—we too have finite energy levels and capacities.

The question in life, regarding energy, is always, where is it going and what and who are benefactors of it?—providing we’re positively set on investing our energies i.e. we aren’t becoming routinely and negatively drained of it.

It cannot ever be a bad thing to ask, ‘What and who am I giving my energy to?’ or the equally important question, ‘What results am I getting (for myself/God/others) by the execution of my energy?’

The main benefit in answering such questions is at first obvious—we find our place and purpose in the world. This can only ever be a transforming thing.

And yet, there are many more obvious spin-offs from taking the time, effort and focus to develop an answer to these questions. We get to fill in our own blanks and there are an infinite number of them—this is indeed a wonderful reality as we tap into it.

For instance, we’ll get feedback on who is draining us and why. Perhaps it’s a certain person, or perhaps it’s the way we’re interacting with them. Perhaps we need to limit the time we spend with some and actively spend more time with others; people who give us energy or those who make really effective use of the energy we give them, for instance.

And again, we are being self-analytical in all of this, reflecting both in-the-moment of interaction and afterwards... ‘Am I using my capacities and abilities for the best good?’ ‘Am I replenishing myself as I should?’ Or, ‘am I burning out i.e. abusing my energy levels?’

Where we want to be is this: when we can continually be monitoring ourselves and our use of our energy, having instilled these questions in our very psyches, we’re wisely and courageously deciding what to do and when to do it, and how.

Energy maintenance hence becomes an activity almost on auto-pilot.

At this point we’re so well disciplined that we can even lead and encourage others who’re perhaps having their own struggles managing their energy levels. This is most inspirationally modelled. People need to see what this looks like. For people to see how it’s done is a commanding freedom truth.

This thing—the maintenance of our energy, however, always remains a personal responsibility.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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