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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tender Gestures – Make a Difference

IT’S THE SMALL, TENDER GESTURES THAT COME OUR WAY THAT TOUCH OUR SOULS. As a partner shows in some beautifully eccentric yet personalised way their love for us, we melt don’t we? We’re convinced they actually thought uniquely of us.

These tender, golden moments are what marriage is about. The fact they come so relatively rarely is a good thing. We’d hardly want to be spoiled of the joy of a partner thinking straight of us, like, all the time. You might struggle with this, but it’s true. Scarcity is a principle that speaks of the specialness of these rare acts.

And yet, the creative spouse can make these “rare” things happen often enough when they see day to day opportunities and simply act on them.

It depends on our focus; little things noted make a huge difference... ‘Mmm, she seemed to like that; might do it more often...’ or ‘He’s actually stocked that he knows I thought of him that way...’

We don’t know until we give it a go.

Random acts of kindness are common-place these days in some circles—but how often do we invest in those simple kindnesses in the belly of our homes?

The small and tender custom-made gesture, delivered with that special nuance, can spark any relationship out of the doldrums, but they must be noticed! It’s no good being on the receiving end of much thought surrounding the treasured small act and then make no effort in appreciating it.

If we want these lovely things to happen more and more, we need to make something of them.

And the best thing, personally, and most affirming, is what happens within us when we invest in these things for our partners. We’re blessed through and through.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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