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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blessings Inherent in Unrecognised Gifts

Try this one for size. In traffic, you have a vehicle rear-end you, and whilst it comes as quite a jolt, upon closer inspection there’s very little damage—in fact, it’s hardly noticeable; just a few scratches or perhaps a miniscule crease in the bumper. It is then up to you. You have the particulars of the person who hit you and you think over the remainder of the day what to do.

You decide—in your mercy for the other person, who was quite stressed by it all—that you’re going to let it go. You decide you’re not going to proceed to their reparation; you’ll either leave the damage ‘as is’ or you’ll fund the repairs yourself.

A Priceless Kindness

The best thing in this, you learn as you go, is the blessing involved in letting the other person off and not receiving even their thanks. It’s like your restaurant bill that someone ‘conveniently’ paid for you, which you find out about upon finishing your meal—once they’ve long gone.

This sort of kindness is priceless.

But, more, it’s to the recouping of blessing that’s unheard of in typical earth circles.

The gifts we bestow that feature absolutely no chance of recognition are the best kind.

Benefits in Abundance

For the person in receipt, they can hardly keep this good fortune to themselves. They pay it forward: by mouth; by deed; by spiritual inertia. For the purveyor of the blessing, their life’s cool right now. God’s breathing his approval all over them. God fills the person’s mind and heart with such a good vibe they simply bask in the humble joy of being, for that time at least, ‘a good person’.

Gift-giving is a treasured art truly enshrined in the creative and innovative, forever outdoing itself.

It’s driven by a heart to bless people and to improve situations wherever they present needily to the discerning eye of the purveyor. The heart that does this—with routine—is always more encapsulated with a joy that transcends this world.

This heart is brimming to overflowing with the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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