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Friday, July 23, 2010


It’s a truth more compelling than the truth, if that even makes any sense.

This truth is one that compels us to hide the truth—that which will damage our relationships if we’ll allow ourselves the luxury of telling people what we really think.

We’re told, certainly via our faith in the Lord, that we must live clung to the truth lest freedom be ours... why then can’t we expel ‘this’ truth on these people before us right now?

Then enters the thoroughly alluring concept of “perception management,” a position held in the chalice of wisdom, protecting us from ourselves.

In the parade grounds of our relationships, we have the consequences of our ignorance and our arrogance that present at-ease, ready and altogether willing to come to attention; the readiness of acting to the embarrassment of us.

And embarrassment is only the beginning; the real consequences are becoming us for the rest of our history—the vulgar display will never quite be forgotten.

Perception management really is a great concept. It protects us when all’s ‘not good,’ those times when we really cannot say with any semblance of sincerity—“all’s good!”

This most powerful of truths is a truth enshrined in the right fear of the Lord—the most important concept known to life. There is no other ‘first’. This is no overstatement.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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