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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Key Question: “So What?”

What turns on the issue right there upon us now? What’s the driver and what are the consequences either way? These are the very pendulums that life swings on.

We waste a lot of time and energy discussing and doing things that don’t matter, and even in the context of those things we can’t readily extract ourselves from, e.g. our bad and extraneous habits, but it’s certainly not limited to these.

Why are we so ensconced in the matters of concern when we often have literally no influence over them?

Some people will put these infernal matters before us, waiting with baited breath on our response. Our very lack of response will disappoint these for they live for the sensational moment, and for brothers and sisters in arms to that very end.

We should want to disappoint them.

Purpose, Vision and Focus

There is best a purpose to things; even if the purpose is finding the purpose.

And yet, there are many who seem set—whether they’ll admit it or not—on dragging us far from the purpose we could be striving to find or indeed living. People who are too lazy or too proud to work for purpose will hate it when others find theirs.

The “So what?” question is a great restorative to the soul, compelling it to go further on beyond the childish chitter-chatter of the nay-sayers feeding over the choice morsels of gossip and innuendo.

Purpose, vision, and finally focus; these stand for all-time as the matters of noble planning and execution—especially when they come about in the midst of vicarious others.

There are few ideal second chances in getting our moments fixed right now.

Focus is balance as purpose is refinement and vision is completion. Every good thing waits in store for those grasping life with purpose, vision and focus.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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