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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rejecting the Hurt, Point Blank

“Reject your sense of injury and the injury itself disappears.”

~Marcus Aurelius.

We know the facts in theory yet we’ve hardly tried the practice, really. We’d rather scowl a while; most of us.

Whilst the above quote is not perfectly true, it is true according to the wisdom standard that generally holds in life. These generalisations are handy because we can hold to them with a relative assurance—faith does the rest.

‘Injury,’ as a term, is normally reserved for something observable—an observable hurt—and certainly something that’s known to linger beyond a moment or two. In other words, injuries require remediation. It would be hard to hide a broken leg.

Denying Certain ‘Injuries’

At times it wouldn’t be wise to deny our injury. Physical injury or the emotional injury of loss and grief are two prime examples. For these, we must be real about them. Denial could only possibly damage us long term.

However, the injuries that happen with flagrant and monotonous regularity, often, are the emotional hurts of misunderstanding or lack of care we get; these are the ones we’re to deny the injury of; these to endure beyond the temptation of the leering look or heart-raced response.

Now, we endure these as self-protection.

Self-protection also dictates we’ll get out of harm’s way—this, too, is wisdom. God does not want us to put ourselves into harm’s way; that the enemy might use this to actually injure us.

Magic – the Injury ‘Gone’ – As If It Never Existed in the First Place – Because It Didn’t

Moments after we rejected the right sort of injury to deny—the injury that wasn’t real to begin with—another world sets itself upon us. It’s the bright new world of the present, unencumbered moment—free of mind and big of heart to explore of it what we will.

This is, of course, no magic at all.

It took the higher mind to conceive it and the higher mind—placed with God—receives. This is a miracle; the kind of morally-applied wisdom to the receipt of God’s blessing to live joyfully—remaining so.

The miracle, more specifically, is the Spirit-led jettison of anything mentally against the other person or situation—this relief can only come through God’s intercession; a thing no-one can truly understand... it just is.

All we did was stayed positive and hoped for God to ameliorate our fleeting pain; the hurt ego. And he did as he always does when we ask of him these types of things in the moment via our patience, contending against the lower mind pressing in, calling for revenge.

Revenge is a trap. The ‘injury’ never occurred in the first place.

Revenge—as far as emotional hurt is concerned—is acting on false information. Wait a while. Wait for the truth to appear.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.


  1. Getting out of harms way requires that we listen to God. And, as a reforming "repeat offender" this lesson and those injuries have been received, rather than rejected.

    What I am hearing is that my God-connection can alleviate the pain of emotional injury if strong enough. I AM RECEIVING this word - Steve, as I set out to fully comprehend the hurt and pain I have experienced, and I read your article, I see a direct connect between my receptor and reality (and the circumstance I create).

    In this instance, or in many circumstances, I can be in denial, and that would be perfect for avoidance.

    Lord, I pray for a discerning ear, and a heart that sees things differently.

  2. That's a great response, Shawn. I 'hear' plenty of discernment in your communications with me. God bless you.


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