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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

From Predator to Protector

The instincts of the horse are remarkable, and the gaining of trust, initially, is central to further rapport. The horse views a human being approaching it as a predator—it is inwardly wary. As soon as the human being, however, seeks to make a competent, loving rapport with the horse, they’re afforded the loyalty of the horse that instant.

It’s like the horse is won to authenticity.

Horses, like probably many animals, have the instincts to divine the inner motivations and condition of heart of the person in their midst. If we are not ‘safe’ within ourselves, in our approach, the horse is going to sense it. The master of body language, a horse will ‘smell’ our fear.

It’s said, for this reason, that the horse is a mirror to the human soul within.

The Fundamental Question for the Horse

The implicitly fundamental question a horse asks, via its nature, is: “Am I safe?” Trust is forever held back until their question-of-instinct is answered in the affirmative.

Horses will only give their full allegiance to the person engendering a full spoil of love toward them, and this, from a sense of good identity existing from within that person.

So What?

As far as life is concerned—i.e. our interaction with it—what are we... the predator or the protector?

Are we engaging with life in ways that give-off love? Are we a friend first and foremost of ourselves? Or do we have identity issues that are blocking not only the rapport we could have with others, but also the rapport (and peace) we could have with ourselves?

If people do not feel safe with us, they won’t trust us... I mean really trust us.

We will be viewed as predators and not protectors.

And to perpetuate this would be to fall short of the target for life—to miss the mark.

Instead, let us learn something from the marvellous relationships horses have with their masters’ and mistresses who’ve established that close bond; that one etched in authenticity, love and trust.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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