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Saturday, August 28, 2010

One Humanity, One Justice

We yearn to be brothers in arms, sisters of grace. Together we travel this existence, come what may, until we no longer do. Teamwork may be cliché but this, here, is never such like. “One” is something altogether too simple for the many that are perhaps confused by simple things, for simple things are inordinately hard too often.

Simplicity is a paradox.

We foolishly extricate our love from our brothers and sisters of humanity—others just as religious as we are. Why do we insult the intelligence of others by insulting our own intelligence? I have in mind here those calling superiority over other faiths; paradoxically the way of arrogance... a thing Jesus would have nothing of, and indeed deplored. Do these warring people really know him?

We are one. We are the same.

Drunk we are to the excesses of our own immortalised greed.

An issue ever more important there never was; not even ‘the gospel’ is as important as the unification of the world, for the gospel truly is the unification of the world.

This is as much about empathy and sacrifice as anything.

Do we do these things anymore? Are they endearing to us?

Our common purpose: to take on a role whereby we heed the inherent call of our souls to the magnification of our minds and hearts in living for another. There is nothing else to life, truly. All of life is subsumed in this alone. Think about it.

One humanity. One justice.

It might not be possible but we believe it is. We see so many reasons to doubt and our thinking flails, and still our hearts will not let us off, thank God. We abide, for if we do not we’re ready for death—certainly not deemed for life.

There is something right there in front of us.

We cannot choose to ignore it but, ironically, we will. We do it gutlessly and reprehensibly.

Standing as one is the simplest thing as we surrender our rights so someone else may have theirs. We get repetitively good at it. We ‘learn it’ into our cardiac muscle memory. And we receive. Let another give to us their rights for choice, for grace, for love. Let them be blessed in this. Let it be a holy gift and may we be truly thankful, grateful, always paying it forward.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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