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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Milestone Moment

We live our whole lives and hardly contemplate the milestone; looking back, however, there are a thousand and more mirages of the past we want to re-capture the moment the milestone is in view.

We are made of millions of angles. For all we experience—always moving forward as we tend to do—we create ‘much ado about nothing’ vacuum, until the milestone moment arrives, and then after it vanishes—as quickly as it came—we return those moments to the box called, “Our Creative Past.”

Recounting Back

When we do look back we hardly believe it happened at all because these memories of ours—whilst they’re incontrovertibly real, a testament to our believable memory—we can’t reclaim in any sense of reality; our times are changed.

We can only cherish the memories.

Milestone Seasons

Don’t milestones attach themselves to us in clusters... seasons differentiating the ho-hum flow of life?

As the relatives arrive for that long weekend or week or two—perhaps it’s a wedding bringing everyone together—we’re afflux with emotive energy, the circumstance consumes us and we’re the putty of other people’s hands.

Many times we’ve secretly resented these situations as we’re in them; we’re too estranged from the routine pattern of life we’re normally free to enjoy.

~Irony; classic irony~

Then, before we’re entirely ready, the moment skips rapidly away. We kiss them goodbye and see them fly, drive or sail off into the sunset. Then we’re empty... emptier than before even!

Milestone Wisdom

Our milestones are a gentle and loving ransom, holding us to a past, and now a present by virtue of that past, that begs recognition. It is a God-praised reality that we cannot erase one millisecond of the journeys disposed to us.

A whole-of-life perspective, viewing and respecting the lifespan, takes us rapidly to the farthest future where we can—for a gentle and sophisticated moment—look back over the life we haven’t even lived, considering the very possibility of the milestones that lay ahead.

This is a trip on the light fantastic; it’s a God-blessed and God-anointed wisdom to consider in advance those things the Spirit is calling us to in the mix of our personal and interpersonal lives.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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