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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The ‘Love Attack’ - the Best Form of Defence

This is strange attack tactic. Attacking people with love, grace, tolerance and acceptance – this defence ambushes like no other ambush.

I have to laugh at myself when I see I’m becoming all bitter and twisted in the realm of my relationships with others. Attack begets attack, right? No, it’s actually dead wrong.

It never feels right. We justify it a thousand different ways, but ‘making’ the square peg fit in the hole doesn’t make the peg round any more than the hole could be squared.

Attacks—whether they’re only constructed in the mind and never leave there or whether they’re actually executed—never address the problem: the antagonism of rapport.

An Entirely Different Form of Attack

Think for a moment of attacking people in love.

This could be via the art of aggressive forgiveness—one that leaps over our own egos—or submission-to-trust within the highly emotive situation, or liking people despite their hate; even of us, what we stand for... anything.

Hate only characterises us as fearful people. This is not what we should want or accept for ourselves.

The love response, however, diffuses the tension either immediately or gradually over time.

It is, therefore, critically important that we base our acts of response in love that is beyond the fear. It’s an ‘attack’ never expected. It’s, therefore, not a doormat at all—it actually has all the ascendancy and all the power.

It has taken control by the making of a simple choice: to love!

The Way There

We only get to a place like this via planning our way there—taking it as a journey. To become more loving and less threatened is going to require practice or, in other words, doing it over and again... making attempts, trying things, failing, and then eventually succeeding.

It might also be about asking ourselves, “Why do I hate like this?” What is it perhaps within our pasts that cause the hate instinct to have priority over the love instinct?

And we’ll know we’re on the right track when we see the difference it is making within others and most initially within ourselves—that finally we’re transcending the world—and that God is with us all the more, as we can tell, in this.

This is the ultimate victory: to facilitate all-round wins.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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