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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Gospel’s Edge

“The acceptance of the truth that joy and sorrow, laughter and tears are not confined to any particular time, place, or people, but are universally distributed, should make us more tolerant of and more interested in the lives of others.”

~William M. Peck.

This is a pregnant gospel thought right above, swooning into the delivery suite, resplendent in truth that the world is crying out for.

People will only need a God who can identify with them, and they, then, with their God. And that is indeed the God we believe in—the God who came to live and to die, so that we might live.

The Gospel’s Empathy with the Human Condition

God cannot even appear to be closely real unless ‘it’ or ‘he’ can at least begin to ameliorate our ills, trials, pains and retributions.

And this is what the Gospel is about; getting at the core of life as it contends with living. We find that every practical impossibility foisted into the mind of humanity is challengeable at the level of the Gospel. It can be no other way; the Gospel of God has our answers, even if the answer is simply to wait, be patient and endure.

Grace is the one-worded answer... the one word that commences the gospel-solution when all other ‘faiths’ have ended and long given up.

Grace is fetching in that it absolutely reaches into every situation at the mode of empathy. It’s God-modelled grace we discuss. The model that shows us grace on a cross.

It issues tolerance to measure; interest in abundance.

Grace to Become Us

The purveyor of the Gospel is wedded to grace; they’re besotted with it. This grace that flows like a life-force compels this believer to ‘believe’ in the lives of others—to shower upon them principles of love that will indeed mirror their very own inherent needs.

This is a gospel the world needs... more love, more grace, more empathy, more compassion... more power.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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