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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Waking Up to a Reality Check

Though they are at times humiliating, the metaphorical slap across the face is a blessing in disguise, especially when we consider how prone we really are to lapses in memory and thought-consciousness.

Like most people I feel best about myself when I know that all my family and friend relationships are going smoothly and are being tended as I feel they both should and deserve.

In other words, I feel best when I’m contributing to meet the needs required of me in those relationships.

Occasionally, of course, I fail. I forget to contact a family member on a day I should’ve, or I don’t stop to think or pray for them enough. We all get busy or waylaid in life.

Telling the Truth

We’re perhaps tempted to cover over our lapses not wanting the other people in our lives—who we appear to have temporarily forgotten—to know how ‘callous’ we’ve been.

The truth is we weren’t callous at all.

People will, by and large, understand if we’re truthful, if we say we just forgot. The human mind, and especially the conscious mind, is a very frail thing; it copes with only so much.

Reality Checks Are Just That

When we do receive that cognitive tap on the shoulder—God perhaps silently goading—we’re tempted to spring into a fashion of guilt or shame for being ‘so uncaring,’ when in all likelihood we were just human.

We forgot. We had a lot on our plates. Our cares were too many. Whatever it is, it’s okay. We recall it now and that’s the main point.

The reality check is not purposed to cruel us, and it simply wants us to reconsider things, which we do. It’s the chance to redress the situation.

Thank God for them, those small, though significant, warm reminders.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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