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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ode to Inclusivity

Times when they are - sad and bemoaned,

For sciences of division we cannot understand,

Places of pertinence however they’re owned,

The role of minorities squandering the hand.

As casual observers consider and declare,

Many a time when sight defies belief,

Instead of inclusion pride has to bear,

Folly it is proven becomes the chief.

Exclusion becomes them,

Right held and true,

Anything about them,

Anything but new.


Not about them is this now to be said,

Purposed and proven in realised hope,

For now is the time we’ve chosen to be read,

Inclusion as always is now our scope.

Choosing right now our place held high,

The bigger worldview now ours for the taking,

Beyond a time when things seemed nigh,

All we do now, truly, beckons our making.


The inclusive worldview is the best one. But we don’t get there without a lot of compromise and necessary surrender of our way and our points of view—for ‘the team,’ whether that is two or two hundred and fifty two.

This is the fundamental reminder, that to get our best way we cannot often have things our very own way. But the common good infuses us with something better that we couldn’t get elsewhere.

We try it and we see.

The inclusive worldview has us comfortably viewing life from God’s viewpoint and our position in life is a cherished harmony with all things, even when things, for a time, seem madly chaotic and awry.

It’s in this that we develop the longer range perspective that is not only useful but mandatory for living life wisely.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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