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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Primal Urges and Primary Emotions

Anger really is only half the story. The rest of it – the precious refined ore – is left languishing at the nether regions of the soul. Find those bits of the narrative and we’re re-vitalised instantly.

In a recent bind of frustration verging on chaotic inner anger I resolved that the logic my mind knew was forever out of my grasp at least in that moment.

I was no closer to the solution and I was clean wasting my time—something I hate doing.

I tried to weep and I could touch it for a little time—five minutes here and five minutes there—but the truth was the many little troubles of this transitory world of mine were achieving their utter surmounting of me. It was scratching and gnawing away at me from within.

Primal Urges

I have my primal urges. We all do. We have to have things the way we have to have them or our minds bridge chaos and all hell breaks loose. It’s the person who’s reached, and then exceeded, their safe limits we have to watch—and this, us!

But, that’s not the end of the story—not by a long stretch.

Primary Emotions

God outsmarts the devil every time. And so far as anger is concerned, God’s designed cleanness to go right sheer through anger. This is the experience of raw emotion a hundred times more authentic than manifest anger is.

The primary emotion is about feeling the stimuli well before it wells up to and over us. It’s a seamless flow of pure emotive energy frankly without much fear. It rejects its fear point blank and meets the circumstances head-on without need or receipt of personal or social recompense.

Primary emotions are the ace of the pack, trumping the primal urge to anger every time we obey them.

But that is the key. Obedience is authenticity. It is integrity of emotion, rolling honestly along, not missing a beat. It can only come with practice—and certainly, still, we’ll slip up occasionally... to be reminded of what a secondary and inferior an emotion anger really is.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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