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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cherishing Every Eternal Being

Far removed from the glamour and compunction of clinging humanity is the spectre of God as it surrounds all creation; yes, from this view we see all things differently.

People who seek to set their agendas are scared little ones or deceived by their own grandeur; those happy-go-lucky ones are simply making sense of an oft-nonsensical world through the processes of acceptance.

We hardly think of other people, or ourselves for that matter, as being from, or of, eternity; but from God we came, and to God we will soon go.

In the meantime, God has sought to bring us together in a realm of physicality—a sense so material, but, due our awkwardness, always somewhat at odds with our truer, irrevocable sensibility. For this reason we must sympathise with our fellow men and women. Nobody has life all sorted out.

Refocusing For Empathy

Such is our grounded nature, in and of the world, we cannot see people or life as they truly are—or, not for long. We lose focus.

We must refocus, reimagining as if we were the Spirit that actually engineers and fuels life.

This truth is due our utmost concern: each being is divine; a spirit within them begotten by God Almighty in the heavens. (This language may read loftily, but when we consider the significance of such things, awe is the only reconcilable emotion.)

But, nevertheless, it is compelling that we live and breathe together in a cacophony of spiritual physicality; every growing moment is a surreal manifestation—a gift from the Most High. And all of this is less than nothing without humanity—all creation, as it is, confirms and applauds the Presence of the Creator.

How could we exist here, in the locale of time, and not know and feel this?

What good is refusal; the will to deny?

Why should love be condemned when it’s the only logical explanation?

Upon Conviction To Love

If there is anything good to be convicted of, surely, it’s love—the spending of one’s life toward the best attempt possible to live for others. For by reciprocation this way is best for us, too. Yes, a love given is so often returned.

The conviction to love is a blessed possession—one we take no credit for—for the majesty of divine reason is made fully known by our faith, though we cannot explain it. The conviction to love is just simply blessed.


Love it is that showers upon a person the understanding that senses the vestige of eternity in another. And when eternity is seen in them it makes all the difference—loving them is made easier, for they are from God.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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