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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Seek Simplicity

The cooling waft on warm skin on a summer’s evening reminds us of the Presence of God—the simplicity of solution in the midst of a problem; the stickiness of the ambient humidity.

“... the truth will make you free.”

~John 8:32b (NRSV)

God’s Presence is just as pertinent on a still night with no breeze; it’s just that we might commonly seek our own indirect-and-inferior solutions, instead. The simple solution evades.

When we seek simplicity, or agree with it, we tend to attract the goodness of life, unadulterated by human processing: the cheapening of the living accord.

From the Mountains to the Valleys

All through life there is an undercurrent known to humankind, but such a cosmos as humanity has commonly gone the opposite way—they preferred darkness (John 3:19).

This galloping into darkness negates the facts of creation and the laws of the universe, indeed the very fact of God, and it suffers in frustration as a consequence.

The most pervasive thing known to existence is the law of the land that compels us to be blessed in simplicity, yet cursed in our preponderance to choose, instead, for complexity.

And even when we don’t choose for complexity we must deal with it. Life is complex. But it is made less complex, gradually, as we begin to follow the direct path of God. This Spiritual way sees us right whether by mountains or valleys—and all situations between.

Personal Benefits in Seeking Simplicity

The personal benefits in seeking simplicity are as numerous as can never be counted, and the processes of faith accorded to our understanding mean that counting is beyond reasonable sense.

We must simply believe that to seek simplicity is to seek for blessing.

Surely the accursed have known it long enough to want to turn from it—the wide life that leads to nowhere; a life pungent with no sense of life at all, just memories of regret and want of light in escaping the pitch darkness.

Ironically, these are the ones that appreciate the blessedness of seeking for simplicity; they have run the gauntlet and proven the way of God for their very selves.


To run hard after God, to enter life’s narrow way, is nothing but a choice—to go, today, upon the direct path where the Lord might lead us; one light at a time, to the better, more simple way.

When we seek simplicity we run our lives in tune to the Symphony of God.

Such a Symphony is not hard to hear, but we need to listen with simple, focused intent.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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