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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Coming Back to the Spiritual Life

Why are we in such a hurry,
To get everywhere,
Why is everything a scurry,
Without the presence of care?
Why is it natural,
To be blown by the wind,
When all we need to know,
Is we’ve comprehensively sinned?
Why do we push things,
To the point where we scare,
Why do we stay in conflict,
When frustration’s what we bear?
Why do we not wonder more,
About this wonderful life,
What is it about it,
That cuts like a knife?
Why do we take helplessness,
When the answer’s right there,
Why do we shun hopefulness,
Which is to know divine care?
Why do we not instead,
Take the divine lead,
Putting the self to bed,
In surrendering to feed our need.
Coming prayerfully into the Presence,
Of the Holy Spirit inside,
That’s to know Divine essence,
A journey to revelation we ride.
The Journey Into Divine Revelation
Gaining access to the spiritual life is patently simple, but increasingly hard to achieve in our busy day. What is never easier becomes paradoxically hard. We make it hard in the ways we complicate our lives, even conceding that our lives are complicated, sometimes beyond simplification.
We may not realise any sense of God speaking to us, realistically, without jettisoning the selfish, preoccupied, prideful, and busy self. We need to empty ourselves of ourselves—even momentarily. When we get away from all the noise of life, and there are simple ways of doing it every day, we do receive little glimpses of this divine revelation that can set our lives on Fire.
This fire is of transformation. It is a miracle. It is something we cannot affect, unless by inviting God through making ourselves available through surrender.
When we are surrendered, and God has our fullest attention, even if for minutes, our hearts and minds are opened to receive this revelation that would inform us in ways to set us spiritually free. This is no painkilling injection for the soul. When we inhabit this spiritual space all that is truthful is able to be borne—in mind and in heart. We do not shirk the truth, but we peacefully rest beyond the pain of it. The truth and the pain may be present but they do not affect us. There is a simple courage of faith we are living at this time.
The God-present spiritual life, where we are open to divine revelation, is the answer to all our woes. When we open our hearts and minds in ways to surrender ourselves to the wonder of life, even within pain, we can experience the peace of God that transcends our understanding.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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